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Easily Manage Your Strategic Plan

  • Track your strategic plan results without worrying about version control. 
  • Create brand-approved reports in minutes. 
  • Develop trust with residents by showing progress towards goals. 
  • Benchmark with peers to inform strategy.
  • Find everything you need to make good decisions - all in one place. 

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Teams spend more than 40 hours a month gathering, analyzing, and formatting data for each report. What if you could use that time instead to execute on your strategy and achieve results?

During your 15-minute demo, our experts will spend time getting to know your organization's reporting process. From there, they'll offer tips on where you can save time in your process and alleviate pain points. 

Our software and team will help you take the drudgery out of the reporting process so you can get back to what matters - achieving the results you see in vision statements. Don't waste anymore time, demo ClearPoint!

Improve transparency internally and easily communicate success externally.


Trusted by the world’s highest performing organizations — large and small.

We couldn’t measure performance the way we do today without ClearPoint.

Lawrence Pollack

City of Fort Collins, CO

As a local government agency, the ability to network with others within the ClearPoint Community – all of whom are great resources – adds so much value to our strategy and performance management efforts. We get so much more out of ClearPoint than just the software.
Laura Mazur

Laura Mazur

Arapahoe County, CO
Adding the ClearPoint software and team to our performance management process really put us over the top and helped us become a National Baldrige award recipient. The process become faster and more efficient.
DeKisha Fondon

De'Kisha Fondon

City of Germantown, TN

ClearPoint is a great reporting tool, not just for performance measures, but actual projects, initiatives, because you can see what's going well and what's not.
Josh Edwards

Josh Edwards

Athens-Clarke County, GA