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Download Now: 68 Financial KPIs and Scorecard Measures

Are you measuring the right financial KPIs?

68 Financial KPIs & Scorecard MeasuresFinancial KPIs are the most frequently used metrics out there. They are ideal for benchmarking, and can show your organization how well it is performing against goals, previous performance, and competitors.

But if you aren’t monitoring the right performance indicators, you’re missing out on an opportunity to make smarter financial decisions. To help you avoid this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of financial indicators that you can begin measuring right away.

When you download this free list, you’ll find:

  • 68 important financial KPIs, organized in six fiscally-specific categories.
  • Clear descriptions of each and every measure.
  • A simple, accessible Excel format that you can easily make your own.

Download this extensive financial KPI list today. 

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5 Reasons to Download the Financial KPI Library 

  • The list was created by experts who have helped organization's define their KPIs for over 20 years.
  • The KPIs are measurable and customizable, so you can track what is best for your organization.
  • You can begin tracking the KPIs right in the Excel template.
  • Choosing the wrong KPIs leads to inefficiencies and lost time. The list will help you choose the right financial KPIs from the start.
  • When your KPIs align with your goals, your organization will have the information needed to make good decisions.

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