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Download Now: The Balanced Scorecard Strategy Maps for City + State Government Examples

Clearly communicate your government’s strategic plan with the help of the Balanced Scorecard.

LP-Government-Strategy-Maps-Thumbnail-ClearPoint.pngSuccessful strategy maps come in a number of shapes, styles, structures, and complexities. The one unifying goal is to make a communication tool that engages the entire team and community behind a shared plan of action to achieve the mission at hand.

To save you time and effort, we’ve created sample scorecards with example strategy maps to illustrate various strategic plans for different government situations. In this download, you’ll discover:

  • Four sample Balanced Scorecard strategy maps, from city and municipal governments to police and security organizations.
  • How each of these organizations can experience success from their strategy map.
  • What conclusions you can draw from strategy mapping (and why you should create your own).

Download these sample government strategy maps today.

Download Now